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                              Contax 645, Fuji 400H, 80mm, processed by Richard Photo Lab

I wanted to do a quick post on my passion in life- film. Often times I will meet with potential clients and they have no idea that I shoot all of these images you see on my blog on film... Yes, old fashioned Kodak and Fuji 120 and 35 millimeter film. Almost always I am then asked, "why?"

Film is warm, inviting, romantic, and emotional. It's tack sharp while still remaining buttery and rich and captures luminosity and beauty in every photograph. Film is extremely flattering and makes you look like you came off the pages of Vogue magazine. I have the utmost control over film and it's processing- every shot I take is thoroughly thought out and executed the way I want it to- manual focus, manual exposure, developing, scanning, and editing. It results in photos that I am completely in love with, and hope you fall in love with as well.

Film also has a dynamic range that far exceeds digital. I live for bright, happy, colorful photos, and shooting film gives me a much easier playing field for making this happen. I can overexpose my photos a lot more than I can digitally, and also introduce more color and contrast. My resulting images are luminous, glowing, and intimate.

Shooting film makes me a better photographer. There is no "take the shot and check the LCD to see if you got it". I have to know my exposures (I have them all memorized) and I have to make sure my composition is spot on. I don't see these photos for 3 weeks while they are at the lab (Richard Photo Lab)- but I'm never nervous- I know they'll be amazing, each and every time.

Film allows me to be a minimalist. I am not one of those photographers that show up with two suitcases. I have my harness and one bag. I can shoot a whole wedding on one camera and one lens, and I use God's given natural light. Not having tons of gear to muss around with allows me be more in the moment- your moment.

Finally, film sets me apart- FAR apart from other photographers. We live in a digital age where the future of film is threatened every day, and yet it is still my medium of choice. It allows me to create these warm, flattering, fine art photos that will be treasured for years. It's just gorgeous.

Thanks for reading :)

Mandy Mayberry Photography is a Rhode Island and Boston based wedding and portrait photographer who specializes in fine art editorial style film photography.